How to pay for Unical Acceptance Fee (step by step guide)

How to pay for Unical Acceptance Fee
Unical Micro finance bank Headquarters 

Are You having troubles on how to pay for Unical Acceptance Fee? Worry no more We would give you a step by step guide on how to process the payments successfully.

How much is the University of Calabar Acceptance Fee? 
The Unical Acceptance fee is 25,00 Naira and this is the price every new student in the 2020 academic session would pay before their admission is accepted and before they start their Faculty screening process. 

How to pay for Unical Acceptance Fee

There are two options for making payments 
1. At the Unical Microfinance Bank 
2. Pay Online 
we would guide through the 2 steps on how to pay for Unical Acceptance fee 


The unical Micro finance bank is school owned and manages several accounts for the school,as a student u would find yourself going there more often for several payments like faculty dues,departmental dues etc. The Micro finance bank has 2 branches on campus and some other branches off campus. 

  • Walk in with your Admission letter carrying your Jamb Reg No  and your 25,000 cash  
  • Pickup a deposit slip and fill in the required details,the place is usually crowded so you may have to stand the stress of going through a long queue
  •  After payments You drop The second slip you are given in the basket after writing your Name and E-mail at the back   they may tell You to come back about a week later  for Your Admission letter print out
  • Ensure to photocopy the Printout you are given because it may wash off. 
  • After getting your Acceptance Fee printout you can heard to your department for screening. 
The Unical Micro finance bank headquarters is at main camp while the other is at Malabo (male hostel) 

You can use the Google map below to get Directions 


How to pay for Unical Acceptance Fee online;

1. Walk into any commercial bank nationwide and/or University of Calabar Micro Finance bank.

2. Make payment for University of Calabar acceptance fee payment on E-tranzact.

3. Collect an E-tranzact printout from the bank.

4. Log on to

5. Click on Acceptance Fee Payment

6. Enter your Jamb Registration Number/ CES form number, Phone number and the confirmation order number on the E-tranzact printout from the bank to generate your acceptance fee receipt.

7. Login to print your acceptance receipt

8. Proceed to your department for screening before payment of school fees.

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