All you need to know about the Unical GSS programme

Are you a newly admitted student of the University of calabar? 

  • What have you heard about Unical GSS Programme?
  • Do you know that you can't graduate from our prestigious institution without passing this programme courses?
  • Do you know that GSS class is always slated for 7am in the morning?
Well, some of the fresher's are nervous to know what this GSS is all about , some are eager to know the meaning of GSS, some said, the brother/Sister/Cousin who is in unical told him/her that one cannot pass any GSS course until you pay a token some of money, some said the programme is a scam, infact as I speak majority has been made to belief that going for GSS class is a scam.

 Unical Gss is just like admission, if you prepare adequately well by reading your books, buy textbooks when others are buying it helps, do assignment when others are doing is for your own good, through reviewing of chapters you will be exposed to so many things, discover new words, ideas etc.
you can pass the exams without paying money, just like those who merit admission with high average on like some of you that had low average, the way u are looking on who to help you bribe your way in, is the same way you will be looking on who to sort the courses for you when you didn't prepared for the exams.
Some fresher's believe that no matter how one tries , no matter the amount of preparation one can't pass unical GSS examination , but all this rumours isn't through, there are many serious faced students that have passed Gss without paying any money

What is the Unical Gss programme all about?

The University of Calabar Centre for General Studies and Communication Skills, (GSS) offer programmes of study which are aimed at stimulating and broadening the student’s awareness and knowledge in relevant fields outside his/her immediate area of specialization.
The students are therefore brought to understand more closely the significance of the linguistic, culture, social, historical, physical, scientific and technological environment in which he exists.
These courses offered are made to span a vast area and variety of knowledge such as;

-Nigerian historical, political and sociological situation;
-The pure sciences; critical, analytical and logical reasoning; computer literacy and applications.

Moreso, there is an in-depth focus on the use of the English Language, its role as a second language used for study in Nigerian higher institutions of learning and development of effective communication skills in the language.
With this rich academic background, a graduate of the University of Calabar is made to achieve the wider educational objectives of the Nigerian University System.


Course Code Course Title Credit Units
1. GSS 101 (Use of English and Communication Skills I, 2)
2. GSS 111 (Citizenship Education 2)
3. GSS 121 (Philosophy and Logic 2)
4. GSS 131 (History and Philosophy of Science 2)
5. GSS 141( Anti Corruption I 2
"Course Code Course Title Credit Units"
1. GSS 102 ( Use of English and Communication Skills II 2)
2. GSS 112 (Citizenship Education 2)
3. GSS 122 (Philosophy and Logic 2)
4. GSS 132 (History and Philosophy of Science 2)
5. GSS 142 (Anti Corruption II 2)

Note: that, you can not graduate from our Prestigious institution (Unical) without passing all the courses under this Programme.

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