Steps to get hostel space in Unical

Steps  to get hostel space in Unical
Unical Hostel (interior) 

As a student, getting hostel space isn't that easy because there is usually a competition among students so the earlier the  better.
The steps to get hostel space unical are going to be listed below, that is only for the regular male and female hostels excluding other special hostels like the medical hostel and the Windsworth hostel.
Well there are two ways in which you can get hostel space in unical

1.Applying by Yourself
2.Buying someone's space

At times you may not pay your school fees early enough and you badly need a hostel space, you can easily buy from some students that applied for space just for the purpose of reselling,boys hostel space is usually much more cheaper than that of the girls in terms of reselling.
To get a hostel space in unical firstly you would need to apply online and when your name is listed you can proceed to the next step
Steps  to get hostel space in Unical
Unical male hostel

There are 3  steps to get hostel space in unical

  1. Ensure you have paid your fees for this academic session.
  2. Log on to and click on " Hostel Application ". You will be requested to enter your school fees receipt number or the e-transact number, then click on "Verify".
  3. After you have successfully verified your fee payment the online form would display you are to complete the form and submit.
  4. Congratulations, you have applied for hostel accommodation. Kindly await further directives from Students Affairs Divison.
The list of students whom their application has been accepted for hostel accommodation will be published simultaneously. If you find your name on the published list you can proceed to the Unical Micro Finance Bank to purchase your scratch card at N16,500.

Step Three:

After paying for your accommodation space successfully, get two files jackets and write your Name, Matric Number, Phone Number and Department on each of the file. Also, attach passport photograph on each of the files with a photocopy of your school fees payment receipt and evidence of Hostel payment.

Submit your file at the office of the Dean of Students at the Student Affairs Division.
Please note that once the portal  opens, it has a deadline and would soon be shutdown and only those who applied would be considered for Hostel Space.

After following this procedures you would surely get a hostel space in unical as a student

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