Aspirants to take off posters from Academic buildings or face sanction

Aspirants to take off posters from school buildings or face sanction
Unical lecture hall NSLT 1

An order reaching us from the department of Justice unical, office of the attorney general says aspirant are to take off all posters, flyers or banners from school properties or face sanction

The Attorney-General has observed with displeasure, the acts and conducts of some persons who, having interest in the upcoming S.U.G elections, have so far defaced the University, and/or made publications on walls, fixtures and/or other developments of the University in defiance of the Vice Chancellor's order of prohibition of defacement and in defiance of the prior warning issued by the Attorney-General with reference no AG/SUG-UC/002

All persons who have therefore made any publication on any wall, fixture or other developments of the University should, in their best interest, take off all those publications_ (precisely paper publication/bills and banners) made on the walls and roof of Open Pav; the walls of Pavs 2 and 3 and on any other prohibited place within Seven (4) days including the day of publication of this notice, and any publication still found standing after Seven (4) days from the day of this notice would be tantamount to a deliberate violation of the Vice Chancellor's order and we assure you that our next action will not be in your interest.

For the avoidance of doubt, the areas prohibited and excluded from any form of publication includes:

The University main gate through the boulevard down to the New Library and around CES Building.

The areas all around Main Campus; the Students’ Affairs Division and Open Pav; UNICAL Microfinance Bank etc;

The areas all around College, Graduate School, and Chapel of Redemption.

The areas all around the Faculty of Law E-Library and Moot Court and the new Faculty of Education Building, down to the International Conference Centre.

The areas all around Faculty of Science.

Take notice therefore, that all these areas are highly prohibited areas of publication and any publication found there amounts to strict liability and the names on those publications will be dealt with in accordance with the punishments approved by the Vice Chancellor on

However, the following alternative methods of campaign publication may be allowed:

Banners not permanently attached to the University's development by means of gum, or nails;

Flyers or Handbills, SMS, Internet and Radio Publications;

Publications on Notice Boards.

Take further notice that the above permitted means of publication 

From Chapel of Redemption down to Malabor Republic; Goldie Gate; Female Hostel and all it's environs.

Publications on Notice Boards in Faculty and Department buildings and, ONLY ON NOTICE BOARDS in public lecture venues like Pavs 2 and 3.

Violation of this directive shall attend the following sanctions as approved by the Vice Chancellor:

Disqualification to contest or hold any Students' Union office at the Faculty, Local Government, Regional, State or S.U.G levels and/or;

Fines as may be determined according to each circumstance, and/or;

Repainting of the affected area of the University development;

Deregistration, in the case of publication made by an Association.

You are advised, in your best interest, to comply accordingly.

This order was signed by:


(Hon . Director of Public Prosecutions, SUG)



(Hon. Attorney-General, S.U.G)


Vice Chancellor

Dean, Students’ Affairs Division

Chief Security Officer

S.U.G President

Senate President

Chief Judge



All Notice Boards

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