Unical Student Suggests possible Cure for COVID 19

Unical Student Finds possible Cure for Covid 19
Emmanuel Gideon

A student from the department of public administration, University of calabar, Emmanuel Gideon took up to his social media handle to post a possible Cure for the World Pandemic Coronavirus, According to Gideon this traditional method was used to cure his cousin who developed similar symptoms as that of Covid 19 back in 2012.

Unical Student Finds possible Cure for Covid 19
Emmanuel Gideon's post 

Read full post made by Emmanuel Gideon below: 

While growing up way back 2012, I could remember a certain time my cousin brother was severely ill and showed symptoms similar to that of the novel Coronavirus (cough, fever, tiredness, difficulty in breathing etc). There was a particular treatment that was administered to him and just like magic the next day, he was back to his feet again. Really dunno how effective this may be to the COVID-19 Virus, but I believe it's worth trying out even as the world rally round for a possible cure.
The treatment was done with a bucket of hot water (with a boiling point of about 100degreeCent) and a piece of clothing material.
The hot water was poured into a bucket, and then the subject is allowed to sit on a stool , with face lowered to the opening of the bucket, while the steam makes it's way through the orifice of the subject, and a clothing material is used to cover the head of the subject, to create room for concentration of the steams on the subject.
The subject is allowed to sit still for about 20minutes, while the steams goes through his orifice and the heat from the water causes the subject to sweat profusely.
I doubt if the COVID-19 Virus will survive this temperature.

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