Cultists kill Unical lecturer at Staff Quarters

Cultists kill Unical lecturer at Staff Quarters

A lecturer at the University of calabar has been killed in a cult clash at the University Staff quarters this is said to be the 5th death in a week since the Cult clash started in calabar.

The death of the Unical Academic doctor has triggered the intervention of the Cross River state government bringing in the DSS, Army and other security agencies to ensure they put an end to the recent violence on the state. 

According to a reliable source, Unical Matters gathered that the lecturer was stabbed severally at the doctor's quarters in Unical on sunday the 17th of May by a gang of eight. 

The incidence brought an unrest to the environment that made many run for safety he was later rushed to the hospital but he could not make it.

The special adviser to the Governor on anti-cultism Apostle Steven Umoh has confirmed the recent killings in the state and said the state government are on top of the matter. 

Speaking in an interview with daily post he said that;
 "The incidents are very sad and unfortunate. My opinion is very simple; the government is on top of the matter, the appropriate agencies that safeguard the lives and property of the people of the State are on top of the matter.

As I am talking to you now, it is a pity that there is a little that government can do, because when you are policing people at region A and those at region B are striking, causing havoc.

The governor or the government of the day is not the one that forces people to join cults; some of them were members for over 20 or 30 years. Like the Doctor, till he joined the fraternity the governor was not there, but Prof Ayade is doing everything possible to solve the problem

We know them, let our people tell them about the danger of belonging to these groups. My personal plan is to start a sensitisation program where we will re-introduce religious fellowship in Schools, be it Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Institutions.

We are going to affiliate Schools with existing churches, a particular church will cater for three schools and they will go in during break hours and teach the students. I will also ensure that cultism and the danger following it are part of the curriculum in schools so that people will begin to learn 
The only thing we want to do is to block those who are not members yet

The recent clash is between Klanx and Black Axe. We are not relaxing, we have alerted the Police, DSS, Civil Defence, Army and other security agencies and they are on top of the matter. Most of these things happened when this government was not in existence; some members have been there for thirty years and very soon everything will be normal”.

 There have been some other cases of murder earlier which makes this the fifth death in a week.

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  1. The Cultism in UNICAL is too much - why?

  2. There is no cultism in unical, they cultists that killed him we're not unical Students