Study abroad scholarships for Nigerian Students

Study abroad scholarships for Nigerian Students

The dream of Every Nigerian Student is to study abroad in developed countries like the USA, the United Kingdom, Canada etc. In order to learn with better facilities and a better learning environment. 

However there are many scholarship programs which gives Africans the opportunity to study in some Western and European countries, some of this scholarships are sponsored by companies, some by NGO's and some by the federal government of Nigeria. 

The government in some of this countries also sponsor scholarships to bring more Students from other countries, countries like Canada are well known for this. 

We would be reviewing the best scholarship programs that gives Nigerian Students the opportunity to study abroad, some of this scholarships are fully sponsored and Visa's processed by the sponsors.

1. Canada: Quebec Government Merit Scholarship for International Students

Study abroad scholarships for Nigerian Students

This is organized by the University of Quebec in Canada to enable researchers carry out scientific research.

The scholarship categories include; doctoral research Scholarships, post doctoral research Scholarships, short term research or personal development scholarship, the aim of this is to bring to your more foreign researchers into the Institution with world class facilities.

Eligible candidates for this Scholarship must be in any of the following fields; health, humanities and social sciences, arts and letters, natural sciences, and engineering. This scholarship is applicable to all scholars arround the world. 


The doctoral scholarship is valued at $25,000 
The post doctoral research Scholarship is valued at $35,000 
The short term research Scholarship is valued at $3,000 

The deadline for this is in November 2020


The United kingdom is another well developed country with world class facilities where most of the students in underdeveloped countries like Nigeria dream to study in. 

However there are lot of scholarship programs in the United kingdom applicable to Nigerian Students, both graduates and undergraduates. 

Study abroad scholarships for Nigerian Students

- Top University of Dundee Postgraduate Scholarships for Nigerian Students

- University of Brunel Scholarships for Students in Nigeria, Egypt and Kenya

- Dorothy Nicol Scholarship for Sub-Saharan Africa at the University of Stirling in the United Kingdom

- The Fully-funded for Masters Students: Standard Bank Derek Cooper Africa Scholarships at LSE– UK

-University of Dundee Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) Scholarship for Nigerian Students in the Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) Postgraduate Scholarship to Nigerian students.

- University of Cambridge Africa Regional Bursary in the United Kingdom

-Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships, at UK Universities for Nigerians

- Robert Gordon University Vice-Chancellor’s Undergraduate Scholarship for International Students

- University of Edinburgh Online Commonwealth Scholarships in Global Health

-  NigeriaBirmingham Outstanding Achievement Scholarships – UK

You can research about any of this scholarships and also go ahead to apply.

Note that to study in the United Kingdom you would need GCE, you would need to get a UK Student visa and all other necessary documents.

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