Things To know about Unical before applying for Admission

Things To know about Unical before applying for Admission

Are you an aspirant of the university of calabar?, there are some certain things you need to know about Unical before applying for admission into Unical. 

About Unical

The University of Calabar is a university situated in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. It is one of Nigeria's second generation federal universities. The University of Calabar was a campus of the University of Nigeria until 1975. The architecture was designed by John Elliott. 

The Vice Chancellor is Prof. Florence B. Obi. Prof. Angela oyo Ita currently holds the position of DVC (Academic), and Prof. Michal okom DVC (Administration). The Registrar is Mr. Gabriel O. Egbe, Mrs. Beatrice Igwe is the University Bursar, and Prof. Nkoyo Edem is the University Librarian. The aboved mentioned people are known as the Principal officers of the university. 

The University of Calabar was one of the foremost Nigerian Universities to automate students' registration processes through the College Portal, and also one of the first to start E-voting for Students Union government elections. All male students of unical are called malabites and all female students are called malabress. 

Things to Know About Unical as a Fresher or aspirant 

As a fresher in the university of calabar, at first you would surely be confused about certain things but if you know your way round you would be less confused, below are some points you should take note of. 

You need to know the locations of the Bursary unit, database, Microfinance bank, Gss centre, your lecture venues and even your faculty office and your department, locating this places are usually a challenge for every fresher and these are the places you would be making lots of payments when starting off. 

There would be so many vendors on campus trying to convince you on campus to buy their materials, some are very useful while some would be totally useless to you so just be careful about what you spend your money on and seek advice from your senior colleagues. 

If you are caught doing exam malpractice you would be rusticated, also remember that not all departments collects money for grades also known as "sorting" so it would be advisable to study hard and give it your best shot. 

Any payment you make no matter how little never you misplace the receipt because there is no way you can retrieve them back and you would be needing all this receipts for your final year clearance, many units where you make this payments are not automated. 

Lodging and Accommodation for Unical students 

About lodging and accommodation For students of the university of calabar there are 3 options for you, 

Male/female hostel on campus: To get hostel space you need to apply and you must have paid your school fees to be eligible to apply, the cost of getting this is around 18,000 naira follow this link to see the steps to get hostel space 

Private lodging off campus: Most students rent self contain off campus for a more comfortable environment, sometimes 2 or 3 students pair up to pay for a single contain which ranges from 150,000 to 250,000 naira depending on the location you can contact Unical Matters on whatsapp to get a self contain 

Private hostel on campus: there is only one private hostel in unical which is windsworth hostel, although more private hostels would come in years time, you can follow this link to get a hostel space at windsworth hostels which is far better than the regular school hostel 

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