Unical Post Utme exams tips and tricks 2021

Unical Post Utme exams tips and tricks 2021

As an aspirant of the university of calabar, After passing your jamb examinations the next thing to prepare for is your post utme examinations, unical post utme exams can be much more easy if you prepare well for it. in this article i am going to be exposing you to several tips and tricks in getting a high score in your unical post utme exams, every year 15,000 students nationwide apply for unical admission and only about 4,000 students gets admitted which shows it is very competitive and you need to study hard especially if you are not an indigene of cross river state because non-indigenes have a higher cut off mark. 

Unical post utme cut off mark and requirements 

Unical is a very competitive institution so before you can apply for unical, you must first make it your first choice. The jamb cutoff mark for Unical currently is 160 and above.

Any candidate who scores lower is not advised to purchase Post Utme form because you might not be granted admission. The probability of getting admission is quite low.

Every department has its cutoff as well. For example, basic medical courses and the nursing department was set at 245 last year but they school governing body haven't released cut off marks for 2021 yet until after post utme exams. 

As for requirements, when coming for your exams you would need to come with your original jamb result slip. 

What are the Unical Post Utme exams tips and tricks for 2021 

every year the unical post utme exams get tougher and more complex you would need proper guidance and coaching before stepping into the exam hall in order not to make regrettable mistakes, below are some tricks and tips to sucess in your unical post utme exams

Come early for your Exams 

coming early enough for you exams no matter the time of your exams is very necessary, this post utme  questions are shuffled and as you already know it is a computer based exams with timing, the person seated close to you may not have the same paper type as you but you might meet someone that wrote before you that has the same paper type as you so it is necessary to hang around and take advice from the set that wrote before you. 

Study and master all your past questions repeatedly 

when preparing for your exams if you can master the questions and answers in all your post utme past questions you are already good to go, because every year, 60% of the unical post utme questions are usually past questions, sometimes it may be mixture of different years while sometimes it might be a complete repetition of a particular year, so if you can master all past questions in the subjects you are sitting for, you are already good to go, you can contact us here to get your complete Unical post utme past questions in PDF format. . 

Time Yourself during you examination

The Unical post Utme exams is Computer based and has a fixed time for attempting this questions so timing yourself while in the exam hall is very important. This means that, if you are answering 100 questions for 1 hour, you have to calculate the time you should spend on each question.

This is why studying your past questions is important because if you are already familiar with a question you would pick an answer in no time. 

Can I cheat in the Exam hall? 

The venues for unical post utme exams all have live cctv cameras and enough invigilators inspecting so you cannot carry out any form of exam malpractice in the exam hall, it is advisable you focus and try to attempt all questions in order to save your own time. 

When is Unical Post Utme Exams 2020/2021?

As at the time of writing this, there is no fixed date yet for unical post utme examination and the registration is still ongoing, from the look of things the exams might likely be early 2021 when Asuu calls off strike 

From the Unical post utme exams Tips and tricks listed above you can come out with a high score, we also have special benefits for aspirants that buy past questions from us, we would communicate this to you when you contact us, use the button below to contact us on Whatsapp and buy your past questions 

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