Uniuyo anthem mp3 download and lyrics

Uniuyo anthem mp3 download and lyrics

Download in mp3 format the uniuyo school anthem and lyrics, the university of Uyo was formerly known as University of cross river and was established in 1991, this Uniuyo anthem mp3 was compiled by the students union government. 

Below is the full lyrics of the uniuyo anthem and download button.


Let us all arise as one
And light up wisdom’s path
The citadel our great forebears
Raised from nursery to its apogee
Now stand like a giant
In the African sun
Arise, Arise, Great Uniuyo
We shall arise and shine
And take our place in the firmament
Of cultured men and women
Blest with wisdom, depth and vision
And leave behind traditions
For generations to come
Arise, Arise
Arise and shine forth, Great Uniuyo

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