Unical proposes 22nd January as resumption date

Unical proposes 22nd January as resumption date

In a Senate seating today, the University of calabar body proposed and academic calendar for the resumption of the 2019/20 school session which was paused back in March due to the outbreak of covid 19.

The academic calendar proposes 22nd January 2021 as resumption date which is still awaiting approval by the University senate, also in included in the calendar the Students are starting examinations just one month after resumption, 

There was a Senate seating today Monday 11th January at which this calendar was proposed and the Senate is expected to reconvene earlier this week, the proposed calendar shows that the university would be running two school sessions in 2021 breaking into 2023 of which 3 semesters would be completed in 2021 with short breaks in between. 

The second semester of the 2nd school session would be in 2022, the calendar is designed to help Students catch-up with the lost academic session in 2020.

Below are photos of the proposed calendar

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