Unical DVC academic cancels an Exam saying it's too difficult

Unical DVC academic cancel 100 level Exams saying it's too difficult
Prof. Angela oyo Ita, DVC Academic

Earlier today, 100 level exams for the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Calabar, was been postponed.

According to information gathered through a WhatsApp interview with some students after leaving the exams hall, one said; "DVC academic came in picked our question paper and concluded that the exams are too hard... that they should set questions that are simple".

"Our exams no hold o after we don enter collect exams paper. Deputy Vice Chancellor show say the questions too complex for us say make them change the questions then we rewrite tomorrow" - another student said

However, the affected course is Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies with course code POS 101 the Venue for the exams was at MPA HALL, main campus, UNICAL. This happened around pass 10AM this morning.

Some students frowned at this development though most were happy they DVC Academics did intervened on their behalf.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor, Prof. Angela Oyo ita has been working hard to tackle examination malpractice in the school with the implementation of some new policies.

Attached below are screenshots of the interview carried out on WhatsApp.


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