Top 10 Most Influential Malabresses

Top 10 Most Influential Malabresses

After years of observation Unical Matters came up with a way to acknowledge and commend some females who have been making the University proud and also been a positive influence to others and change makers in the society below is an un biased list of Top 10 Most Influential Malabresses, the word "malabress" refers to every female student of the University of calabar. 

This list is compiled through recommendations, observations and review of their activities in and outside campus. 


Top 10 Most Influential Malabresses

Doreen Osuji is a 400 Level Law student of the Faculty of Law. 
She emerged as the first Female and First Non-indigenous Chief Judge of the students Union Government Judiciary. 
Doreen has served her Faculty in different Capacities and has won numerous competitions both within and Outside her Faculty. She was just Inaugurated as the Chief Judge of the Unions High Court on the 24th of March 2021 and upon her inauguration launch the First ever Rules of Court in the history of the Union . 
This is yet one achievement crossed off the list of Things she has in store for the the Unions High Court. she makes the list of Top 10 most influential malabresses 


Top 10 Most Influential Malabresses

Amah Julliet aka beauty that inspires is a 400L political science student, University of Calabar, an award winning Leader, entrepreneur and public speaker.
She became the Director of women Affairs faculty of Social Sciences, UNICAL in her 300L and founded Girlspiration Initiative, a community that is committed to raising strong and intentional girls from the cradles of our campuses to all over the world.

She is a dedicated and a serial volunteer who enjoys using her time, resources and abilities to selflessly help others via organizations such as I AM A GIRL foundation, Reset Patria, Changing Lives Initiative,Guru Club, where she served and is still serving in various capacities, despite the busyness of academics.

She bears the vision of raising world class female leaders.
I am just a human like you who's interested in making this world habitable for every girl and every one. She says.

Her favorite slogan is "I am Amah Juliet , Beauty That Inspires! and indeed through her platform Girlspiration, she has inspired and impacted a total of 1000 girls from both University of Calabar, Unicross and around the world.

As a EU-UN Spotlight Initiative campus ambassador against Gender Based Violence, Amah Juliet is concerned with ensuring safe space for malabresses on campus and many more.


Top 10 Most Influential Malabresses

Ada Hilda A. Also known as Mama Ada/Mama of the Union is from the department of Guidance and Counselling, she has ben active unionist over the years. 
Former Female parliamentarian Faculty of Education
S.A. Inter-institution affairs to the NANS JCC CHAIRMAN CRS AXIS
First Female Carcus member Faculty of Education
An advocate for Good governance for Nigerian Students, an Advocate for the Female and the Founder of the Girls Talk Corner Therapy Initiative.
she makes the list of Top 10 most influential malabresses 


Top 10 Most Influential Malabresses

Pat Ottoh is the Vice President,  Education Students Association Of Nigeria, University of calabar chapter (ESAN UCC).

Pat Ottoh is a wise and skilled Africa's Premier Communication Consultant and Public Speaking Expert with an inexhaustible passion to help speakers, leaders, professionals, corporates and government agencies communicate their thoughts effectively via excellent verbal and non-verbal speech amongst other mediums.

She is a certified Leadership Consultant with an assignment to help individuals discover and develop their leadership potentials to become effective and transformational leaders for national significance and global relevance.

She is a resourceful Speech Writer, Presentation Coach and event host who has hosted several events including the SPEAK & LEAD WORKSHOP to help individuals share their thoughts, gain mastery of their presentation skills, build an unmatched competence, hone their corporate leadership skills, win with words, attain excellence and become irresistible speakers.

Pat Ottoh is a Corporate Trainer, Facilitator, 21st century pro Emcee, Consultant and Keynote Speaker with a rare wisdom to dissect the most complex topics in the simplest way that wows your audience, leaves them impacted, well satisfied and increases your corporate and personal brand influence and value.

Pat Ottoh is a brilliant writer who has birthed many intellectual properties, and has written workbooks including the Presentation Workbook which serves as a guide for planning effective presentations. She is the author of a fast selling book COMMUNICATE LIKE AN EXPERT which is an effective manual for becoming an irresistible speaker.

She is also a certified and passionate Educator, Strategic decision maker, problem solver, administrator and certified in Customer Relations, Civil Engagement and Conflict Management who beliefs that the greatness of a man is not in the abundance of things which he possesses but in the human capacity he has built around him by fostering individual and national peace, promoting global unity, love, quality learning, justice, equity and fair play.

She is a multi award winning Most Outstanding Speaker, Best Speech Writer, Best Female Leadership Personality of the University Of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria. And many other outstanding awards in recognition of her unmatchable fits, distinguished character and immerse contribution to the growth and development of humanity and the society at large. she makes the list of top 10 Most influential malabresses.


Top 10 Most Influential Malabresses

Amanda Darmian is a 400 level Student of Medical Laboratory Science in University of Calabar, Calabar. she is an Advocate for women's rights, a Unionist, Women Development Strategist.
Presently, the President of Female Leadership Forum University of Calabar Chapter.

she has served in different categories in school starting from the class to the department down to the faculty, state, Federation of Igbo Students and down to the Student's Union Government.
to mention but a few;
Asst. Class Rep
Dir. Of Welfare (Dept)
CUECO (Calabar Union of Electoral Commission) member and lots more.

Right from childhood, she has    always wanted being a voice that will always re-echo for the voiceless, a king star that shines in the midst of other stars.
Entering into the university and facing a lot of hurdles motivated her to be more than she wished for which led to the founding of Impact Divaz, a forum for young girls who are willing to make impacts in the society.

She has hosted a lot of programs, seminars, campaigns, webinars and more, she is among the most influential malabresses. 


Top 10 Most Influential Malabresses

Ediomo-isung harmony is a native of Akwa Ibom state and a 500 level student of department of medicine and surgery, University of calabar. Harmony is an outstanding malabress and active unionist, she was a strong contender for the office of the Vice president of the students Union government, university of calabar 2019/2020 academic session. 

She is a popular female and influential on campus she makes the list of the Top 10 most Influential malabresses  


Top 10 Most Influential Malabresses

Abatang Favour is a Final Year student of the Department of Philosophy, University of Calabar, Calabar. She currently stands out as president of The Guru Club Unical, A club designed to celebrate Academic excellence and Create Peer-to-Peer mentorship for students.

She has been in the front line advocating for women and eliminating all forms of Gender bias in Society. In 2019 she led the United Nations UNite campaign a 16 days of activism against gender-based violence in Cross river state and Organized an event to discuss how to end poverty especially among women in honour of Nelson Mandela.

She has worked for and volunteered in different organizations amongst others are I AM A GIRL FOUNDATION(IAAG), Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI), Female Leadership Forum(FLF), Pink Africa Foundation, The Guru Foundation, Global Youth leadership network, She Leads Africa (SLA), Impact Leaders Club, One Girl One paid Campaign and The Cross River state Young Women in Politics Forum.

Among many prizes, she has received on campus is the Zana Itunbe Akpagu quiz competition prize and others spanning from academic excellence to leadership skills and abilities.

She is a fellow of Security and Forensic Studies Nigeria and has her research interest in Gender issues, Forensics, and Artificial Intelligence.

She aspires to be a UN Women Nigeria representative in due time, favour who has been a mentor and inspiration to other young malabresses is among the most influential malabresses on our list. 


Top 10 Most Influential Malabresses

Ambassador Chisom Edwin Ozor a wife and a humanitarian, she is Emeritus, Student union Government vice president University of calabar, in the 2018/2019 Raymond moses derek led exco

she  served briefly as the women wing youth leader of the South East for president movement, Cross River State chapter.

Recognized by the institutes of cosmology and creation sciences, Trinidad and Tobago where she was awarded with an award of "Young Women in leadership award"
Currently she is the state secretary polling unit Ambassadors of Nigeria, Cross River State chapter.
she is among the most influential malabresses on our list. 


Nelly is a final year law student of the University of Calabar, serving currently as the president of the impact leaders club , university of Calabar chapter. She is a space enthusiast and young student leader interested in the legal aspect of space exploration and African youth participation in leadership.

Nelly lead the team that represented Africa at the manfred lachs space law competition at NASA headquarters in Washington DC which they emerged first runners up, she also coached the Unical space law team that emerged first runners up at the Manfred lachs space law moot Court African regional competition earlier in July. 

Nelly who already has a diploma in law from the University of Calabar emerged as one of top students to graduate with a distinction after the course period in 2016, she has always been an exceptional student and has participated in a number of competitions within and outside the school. 

Notably, As a student leader she has previously served as the; National financial secretary of the law student association of Nigeria, the Pioneer President of the International Law student Association(ILSA), University of Calabar, chapter, Solicitor General of the student union government, university of Calabar in 2019. Nelly also served as the Founding National president of the Female Law students forum, Nigeria, an association dedicated to child rights advocacy and collaborations among female law students.

Nelly who has been a credible asset the university can boast of and an inspiration other younger malabresses is one of the most influential malabresses on our list. 


Top 10 Most Influential Malabresses

Abasiofiok Akpabio is a 500 level Student of the department of Medicine and Surgery, faculty of Medicine, University of Calabar. she began her journey into student unionism as far back as 2013 when she was the Vice President and acting president of Genetics and Biotechnology Students Association (GEBSA), University of Calabar, Calabar, Cross River State. 2013-2014. 

After completing her first degree she came back to study medicine and surgery under which she emerged as the first female scribe of CUMSA PARLIAMENT she came up with the first time ever event in CUMSA tagged Constituency Projects, Abasifiok Akpabio currently is the Vice president of the Students Union government, University of Calabar serving as a mother to all and an inspiration to the younger malabresses

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  1. Well deserving Women and I'm so happy to celebrate with them. Congratulations great women ✊

  2. Congratulations to all the influential malabresses including myself. I am humbled. I encourage and charge everyone to influence their circle positively.

  3. Congratulations to the Top 10 Most Influential Malabresses🎉Reading through their profile gave me the full assurances that Women are evolving and also breaking New grounds,Blazing the trails and Setting the pace for others,
    I Celebrate Women in General!

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    Favour, Amah and Pat, I see you guys!